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Quality management until the product reaches the client

Planned quality in all stages of production and finishing guarantees products of high value, internally and externally.

Supervisory support during production
By means of a number of tests throughout the production process the quality of each roll in the Eisenwerk Sulzau-Werfen is precisely monitored.

The most important aspects of inspection and checking:

•    Melting (chemistry, temperature)
•    Casting (process parameters)
•    Metallography (structure, hardness)
•    Heat treatment (temperature, time span)
•    Ultra-sonic test (bonding, sound permeation)
•    Mechanical processing (dimension)
•    Final inspection (dimension, hardness, certificates)

Application advice
For the distribution team at ESW, quality assurance begins with advice. As soon as a client makes an enquiry, our experienced staff assess the material application for which the roll is to be used in each individual case. Suggestions may be made to improve performance.

Performance follow-up
After rolls have been delivered, our support team is constantly in touch with the client. Reports concerning experience made at the rolling mill lead to optimum application of the rolls in use.

Complaints management
We analyse complaints very precisely and they are dealt with in the shortest possible time. The analysis comprises the data of the internal reports and details required from the client concerning the damage.  Photos, rolling mill data or the analysis of the roll itself lead to a detailed complaint report which is made available to the client.

Inspected quality
The Eisenwerk Sulzau-Werfen has been certified since 1998 according to ISO 9002 and 9001.