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Tradition and modernity merge to produce highly specialised expert knowledge. The Eisenwerk Sulzau-Werfen is characterised by change when change is necessary and constancy oriented towards quality. Founded in 1770 and with over 240 years of experience, it has become one of the leading industrial enterprises for the production of rolls. The company can look back on a rich tradition and has been owned by the Weinberger Family since 1899.


1770 First blast furnace

Construction of a blast furnace and hammer mill on the site of the present foundry commissioned by the ruler of Salzburg, Prince-archbishop Sigismund von Schrattenbach.

1850 Production of the first chill-cast roll

Re-organisation of the production programme. First production of chill-cast rolls by means of static casting.


1899 New owner

The Iron Foundry Society Sulzau-Werfen was acquired by the Weinberger Family. Under new management production increased.


1900 – 1960 Growth and development

Continuous adaptation of the manufacturing plants for the increasing production of charcoal pig iron, ingot moulds, rolls and castings.

1960 Mining ceased

The mine was closed and blast furnace operations ceased after the local iron-ore deposits were exhausted.

1965 Cast steel and semi-steel rolls

Production of cast steel and semi-steel rolls started, primarily for the steel industry.

1971 Hot strip mill rolls

Horizontal spin casting plant went into operation for the production of hot-strip mill rolls

1976 Computerised procedures

Computerised numerical control (CNC) introduced for the tool machines.

1982-1987 Workshops

Vertical spin cast machine put into operation. Expansion of the casting shop, annealing shop and the mechanical workshops.

1997 Modernisation

Installation of new ultra-sound testing equipment.  Modernisation and extension of machinery, further development of the high-tech foundry and improvement of the logistical system.

1998 Environmental Prize

ESW was awarded the Environmental Prize of Austrian Industries. Installation of a casting purification plant with a volume flow of 340 tsd.m3/hour, ISO-9001 Certification.

1999 Anniversary

100th anniversary of ownership of the Eisenwerk Sulzau-Werfen by the Weinberger Family.

2002 Innovation Prize

ESW awarded the Innovation Prize of Salzburg Province.

2005 “Best Family Enterprise”

ESW receives the distinction of “Best Family Enterprise” in Salzburg Province.

2006 Austrian Export Prize

ESW is awarded the Export Prize for its outstanding success on foreign markets.

2009 Expansion in the USA

Takeover of the American special casting plant Miller Centrifugal Casting (MCC), one of the leading casting plants for the production of spin-cast rings for the steel industry.

Since 2010 Continuous Improvements

  • Since 2010 measures have been taken to improve environmental standards
  • World-wide patent for a new shell substance
  • Modernisation of machinery
  • Expansion of melting and annealing capacity

2011 Award for work health promotion

The annual award for work health promotion was commissioned to ESW for the outstanding achievements in labour health care.

2012 Special prize for energy efficiency

In the context of the "plant of the year awards" ESW won the special price for "energy and enviromental management".