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Quality products made to measure

Work rolls produced by ESW are among the most efficient in the world.

The production programme comprises a broad range of rolls of various quality for diverse usage.

The Eisenwerk Sulzau-Werfen specialises in: work rolls for plate, hot-strip, CSP (Compact Strip Production), ISP (Inline Strip Production), ESP (Endless Strip Production), thin slab casting and rolling plants and Steckel mills.
Constant procedural checking and supervision form the basis for fulfilling the client’s specific quality demands. After-sales services comprise the continuous collection of performance data which are collated with the test data.  Subsequently measures are taken to optimise the rolls in use.

Procedural security in manufacture is guaranteed and forms the basis of optimum quality production. Through close contacts with the client the current performance of the high-value products is monitored and optimised throughout the entire life cycle.

Production programme
Work rolls for Hot Strip Mills
Diameter 450-1350 mm

  • 4-high plate mill
  • 2-high Roughing stand
  • 4-high Roughing stand
  • 4-high finishing stand
  • 4 / 6-high Steckel stand
  • Back up rolls for skin pass mill
Work rolls for Cold Strip Mills
Diameter 450 – 1400 mm

  • Working rolls for cold strip
  • Working rolls for 4-high skin pass mill
  • Working rolls for 2-high skin pass mill
  • Back up rolls for skin pass mill