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Innovative achievements

Through continuous innovations and investments in research, development and new technologies, ESW is one of the most modern companies in the world for the production of rolls.


Interaction between man and machine

The development department at the Eisenwerk Sulzau Werfen (ESW) consists of an excellent team of experts and has ideal research conditions on site.

Ultra modern machinery
An experimental melting plant, a spectrometer, quantitative metallography, a scanning electron microscope and a dilatometer are available for promoting new and further development.

Angewandte Forschung Applied research
Active exchange is undertaken with research institutions whose results have an impact on product development. Prototypes are tested by roll users and, after successful testing, are taken on in the production programme.

Rolls for the future
Specialists with the highest scientific and technical knowledge are committed to the further development of rolls of diverse quality.

Gepruefte Leistung
Feedback from clients
Great importance is attached to following up the performance of rolls that are delivered. The performance data we receive are stored in a data bank and subjected to target-oriented evaluation.